Friday, August 31, 2012

THREAT Hunger Strikers since MAY 2012

Israeli court extends the remand of Samer Al Issawi and refuse him to see his lawyer.
Samer Al Issawi was re- arrested on Saturday 07 July 2012. He spent the last ten years in israeli jail.
He is on hunger strike til then.
Note : Kindly notice, all prisoners released in the ‘Shalit-deal’ received a “Presidential PARDON” (= Amnesty) of Pres. Perez yet many are re-arrested again without charges nor trial.
UPDATES AUGUST ....and happening: NOTHING !!!

Israeli occupation authorities prolonged the detention of Samir El-Barq and Samir Isawi,
The authorities prolonged, yesterday, for two months, detaining Samir Isawi who was re-arrested last months.
He had have a sentence of actual imprisonment to 30 years. He spent ten years in jail and was freed last year due to prisoner swap deal.

Israeli occupation authorities renewed aswell the administrative
arrest, for three months, against Samer el-Barq, in spite of the promises of releasing him of is hunger strike
Jawad Polos, Head of the Lawful Unit at the Palestinian Prisoner Society said that the court of Ofer was held for renewing the detention, in spite of the absence of el-Barq; he is in the hospital of Asaph Hroophe, after 100 days of hunger strike.
The Israeli occupation authorities said that there was no importance for keeping Samer in jail, but still detain him and renew the arrest.
Samer had been arrested 30 months ago without real charges being filed, so he had started the food strike 100 days ago, protesting on detaining illegally. His wife in Pakistan is waiting his freedom to gather family.
Polos added that Hasan el-Safadi, who has been striking for freedom since the middle of June, is in the hospital of Ramlah, suffering in a bad health condition
August 29, 2012

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